Shocking News

I saw a newsreport yesterday about a woman who was maimed by her husband a few years ago and has horrible scars to show for it.  She was strangled with a belt, cut on her breasts, and had varsol poured on her, resulting in 3rd degree chemical burns.  This was not in the middle east, this was in Ontario, and these were white folks in a cottage community. 

The most shocking thing was that the judge reduced the charges from attempted murder to assault.  I think being strangled with a belt until it breaks constitutes attempted murder, don’t you?  To me assault would be something like being punched, pushed or kicked.  This man will be out of jail in a few years due to the judge’s decision and able to do this to another woman if he wants.  His ex-wife now lives in fear of when he is released and says she will go into hiding at that time.

I think this judge needs to be put on trial and made to endure the torture this woman went through so he can understand the difference between attempted murder and assault.  This is the link to the full story if you would like to read it.

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Black Friday Chaos

I totally avoided shopping on Black Friday.  I don’t like the crowds and I have no idea what to get anyone in my family for Christmas.  Besides, who has the extra cash for presents?  Isn’t it enough to give them spending money, clothing, haircuts, summer camp, boots, X box live, satellite TV and unlimited internet?  Now I’m supposed to buy a wad of extra doo dads when I have hundreds of dollars of utility bills sitting on my desk.    I am going to declare next year the first year where we cancel gift giving at Christmas time.  We can still have the pretty tree and dinner to go with it but the gifts are going to be off limits.  Next time someone in the house needs something, for example, shavers, I will put them in a gift bag and take a picture when they pull them out of the box.   That way they can have the excitement of receiving on a daily basis. 

As for those shoppers who braved the crowds to get all their goodies, how do they feel now that the credit card bill will be just a bit higher next month?  Or if they had cash, now the cash is gone and there is more “stuff” to fit into their house.  If you haven’t watched Hoarders lately, please do and see how much stuff someone can squeeze into a small space.   I heard today that in the US shoppers were getting robbed, shot at and pepper sprayed.  That’s the best way to get free gifts for the family, just steal them from someone else.  🙂

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